I Beam Box Beam Production Line Sub Arc Welding Machine 25mm

Place of Origin JIANGSU,CHINA
Certification CE ISO
Model Number YZBH-12
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
Price US $30,000-100,000/ Piece
Packaging Details standard packing
Delivery Time 40days
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability 5pcs/month
Product Details
Applicable Beam Size 300-1200mm Applicable Beam Length 4000-15000mm
Welding Speed 0.24-2.4m.min Air Pressure 0.4-0.8mpa
Trolley Gauge 1400mm Maximum Thickness 25mm
Total Power 11KW Flux Recovery 2×4KW
Speed Regulation Method AC Frequencystepless Speed Return Speed 2.4m/min
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I Beam Box Beam Production Line


25mm Box Beam Production Line


Box Beam sub arc welding machine

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Product Description

I Beam submerged ARC Welding machine flame cutting Production line


The whole Steel Structure Assembly Welding Straightening I H Box Beam Automatic Welding Production Line consists:

1.CNC-CG5000 CNC/Straight Flame Cutting Machine

2.XBJ-12 milling machine

3.GZ12 type diaphragm assembly tire frame

4.UZ12 U-shaped assembly machine

5. XQ12 type double arc double wire CO2 bottoming welding manipulator

6. LHE gantry box beam submerged arc welding machine

7.Cantilever type electroslag welding machine XSD15 fuse type electroslag welding

8. DX1416 BOX column end milling


Each part details:
1.CNC-CG5000 CNC/Straight Flame Cutting Machine: Quantity: 1 set.
The CNC cutting machine is a high-efficiency thermal cutting automation equipment that combines computer control, precision machinery and oxygen-acetylene gas cutting. Its CNC cutting torch can cut plates of any shape. There are multiple cutting torches installed on the other side of the mast, which can be used to cut multiple straight steel plates. The steel plates are heated and cooled at the same time during cutting, which fundamentally eliminates the side-bending phenomenon.


The main technical parameters of the equipment:
(1) Transverse gauge: 5000 mm
(2) Effective cutting width of straight cutting torch: 80-4200mm
(3) Effective cutting width of CNC cutting torch: 4200mm
(4) Track length: 26000 mm
(5) Effective cutting length: 23500mm
(6) Cutting speed: 50—1000mm/min
(7) Fast return speed: 6000mm/min
(8) CNC transverse cutting torch: 2 groups (one main and one pair)
(9) (one main and one pair) cutting guns are equipped with electric height-adjusting automatic ignition device
(10) Flame straight cutting torch: 9 groups
(11) Cutting board thickness: 6-80mm (150mm per gun)
(12) Cutting gas source: oxygen, acetylene or propane
(13) Machining accuracy: ±0.5mm
(14) Cutting surface roughness: Ra12.5~25
(15) Drive mode: "Panasonic" all-digital vector AC servo motor double drive


I Beam Box Beam Production Line Sub Arc Welding Machine 25mm 0


I Beam Box Beam Production Line Sub Arc Welding Machine 25mm 1

2. XBJ-12 milling machine:
The XBJ series edge milling machine is an advanced and efficient milling equipment that promotes the new technology of milling instead of planing. This product of our factory is a domestic similar equipment developed on the basis of investigating similar products at home and abroad. It is widely used in pressure vessels, In the equipment manufacturing of boiler, shipbuilding, electric power, chemical and machinery industries, straight edges, beveled edges and U-shaped grooves are processed before plate welding.

I Beam Box Beam Production Line Sub Arc Welding Machine 25mm 2

3.GZ12 type diaphragm assembly machine:
This machine is a special equipment for assembling and welding the middle partition of BOX beam. When assembling the partition, it is compressed and positioned by a cylinder, and then spot welding or welding is performed. After one side is welded, the other side is welded through the electric turning table 180o. Then turn the worktable to a level, and loosen the cylinder to unload the work. The pneumatic control components used in this machine are all imported products. The turning motor is an electromagnetic brake motor and is driven by a worm gear to ensure that the worktable can be accurately stopped and self-locked at any position.
The main technical parameters:
(1) Applicable workpiece size: 200~1200mm
(2) Thickness of partition: ≤80mm
(3) Turnover motor power: 0.75KW
(4) Turning speed: 1rpm
(5) Bearing capacity of workbench: 1500kg
(6) The height of the center of rotation: 1000mm
(7) Turning angle of worktable: ±180°

I Beam Box Beam Production Line Sub Arc Welding Machine 25mm 3


4. UZ12 U-shaped assembly machine:
Equipment use:
This machine is mainly used for U-shaped and box-shaped assembly in box beam (column) assembly. The workpiece is placed on a workpiece platform composed of multiple roller tables, and the workpiece is compressed by the upper and side pressure cylinders on the walking gantry. The web and wing plates of the steel plate are spot-welded on the compacted parts, and the entire length of the workpiece is spot-welded through the gantry walking. After spot welding, the workpiece is transported by the conveyor roller table to the next bottom welding process or electroslag welding process.



No Item model Price  
1 CNC / straight strip flame cutting machine CNC-CG5000    
2 Double end milling machine XBJ-12    
3 Baffle assembly frame GZ15    
4 U type box type machine UZB15-00    
U type box assembly roller table UZB15-00    
5 Gas shielded soldering and soldering machine XQ15    
6 Electroslag welding machine XSD15-00    
7 H steel / box girder welding machine LHA-4000    
8 Submerged arc welding machine (double arc double wire) LHE-5000    
9 End face milling machine DX1515    


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