Adjustable Automatic Tube MIG Welding Manipulator 2-8m

Place of Origin Jiangsu China
Brand Name yaoqiang
Model Number HJ series
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
Price US $1,300-23,000/ Piece
Packaging Details standard packing
Delivery Time 20 days
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 20 sets/month
Product Details
Suitable Pipe Diameter 2-8m Welding Turning Rolls Type Adjustable
Arm Extension Speed 120-1200mm/Min Column Rotation Degree 180
Welding Tilter Type Flexible Combination Condition New
High Light

MIG Welding Manipulator


Automatic Tube Welding Manipulator


8m proarc manipulator

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Product Description

HJ6060 Automatic Tube MIG Welding Manipulator for Pipe Inside and Outside Seam Welding


Welding manipulator is working together with roller frame, positioned and etc. To weld the work piece inside and outside circular seam, corner seam, outside and inside longitudinal seam. According to customer specific need, various structures, welders, and assistant devices like tracking, sway, monitor, flux recovery and transmission are optional for users. Besides, we can also design and manufacture the exact type suited for users too.

Structure: Fixed type, fixed and rotary (manual) type, mobile and rotary type.
Function: The cross arm effectively stretch and lift. The welding head can adjust up and down, left and right. Standing column turns, vehicle moves.
The cross arm operation accuracy: ≤ 1mm/1000m.
Welder optional: Automatic SAW, CO2 MAG/MIG, TIG welder.
Optional function: Flux recovery and transmission machine, video monitor, welding seam sway, automatic tracking, arc length control, platform for worker.


Model HJ2020 HJ3030 HJ3040 HJ4050 HJ5060 HJ6060 HJ7070 HJ8080
effective arm extension stroke m 2-3 3-5 4-6 4-7 4-8 4-9 7-9 4-10
effective arm vertical stroke m 2 3 3 4 5 6 7 8
arm extension speed mm/min 120-1200 AC frequency converter stepless speed adjustment
arm elevation speed mm/min 500 1000
column rotary angle ° ±180 by manual
arm end load kg 100 200
vehicle travel speed mm/min 2000
vehicle slide center distance mm 1200 1560
cross shape adjusting unit mm up and down 100, left and right:100

Equipment composition of HJ6060 welding manipulator
1, HJ6060 type welding machine (moving type): 1 set
2,Mobile trolley walking parts 1 set
3, MZ-1000 automatic submerged arc welding machine 1 set
4, flux recovery conveyor integrated machine 1 set
5, electrical control part

Main technical parameters

No. Item Unit HJ6060
1 Equipment size   moving type(without rail)
2 Arm lift stroke mm 6000
3 Arm extension stroke mm 6000
4 Arm guide rail width mm 35
5 Standing column guide rail width mm 35
6 Guide wheel seat supporting way   Rectangle guide rail, three facet supporting.
7 Arm extension speed mm/min 120-1200
8 Drive way   Rack and pinion pair
9 Speed adjustment way   AC frequency stepless adjustment
10 Arm extension motor power kw 0.55
11 Arm lifting speed mm/min 500
12 Drive way   chain wheel and chain pair
13 Arm front end load capacity kg 300
14 Control wire length m 15
15 Equipment structure type   movable and rotary type
16 Cross precision adjustor stroke Up and down mm 100
Left and right mm 100
17 cylinder diameter adapted   mm Φ500Φ6000
18 Cross slide   mm ±50
19 Welding speed     100-1000mm/min


Adjustable Automatic Tube MIG Welding Manipulator 2-8m 0

Mobile trolley walking parts

The trolley is walking on the pre-laid guideway, the four-wheel contact guide is stable, and the constant speed, motor and reducer drive are adopted. The two side design of the car has safety protection device, check the guide rail to ensure the safety of the whole machine. The column and the rotary mechanism are fixed on the surface of the vehicle with high strength bolts to form an integral part.
Adjustable Automatic Tube MIG Welding Manipulator 2-8m 1
MZ-1000 submerged arc welding machine

MZ-1000 submerged arc welding machine
No. Name Unit MZ-1000
1 output characteristics   Drop feature
2 The power input voltage/frequency Hz three phase 380V±10%/50
3 output rating kW 44
4 Rated power current A 83
5 Rated Duty Cycle   100%
6 Current Adjustment Range A 60-1000
7 voltage setting range V 20-50
8 Output noload voltage V Submerged arc welding:90±10
manual metal-arc welding:75±5
9 full load efficiency   92%
10 Full load efficiency   0.88
11 Diameter of Welding Wire mm 2-5
12 wire feed speed cm/min 40-450

Main features of MZ-1000 submerged arc welding power source:
(1) using IGBT inverter technology, to ensure that the welding current in the grid voltage fluctuation and arc length change in the case of a high degree of stability, arc self regulating ability;
(2) with the function of hand arc welding and carbon arc, the utilization rate of equipment is increased;
(3) arc current and thrust current can be adjusted continuously;
(4) the loading rate is up to 100%;
(5) all digital preset and display, suitable for wide range of welding parameters, reliable performance.
(6) automatic transmission wire.
(7) the welding process is affected by the voltage fluctuation of power network;
(8) temperature protection function;
(9) application industry wide: shipbuilding, boiler, chemical industry and other industries;
(10) application of plate: carbon structural steel, stainless steel, heat resistant steel and composite steel.
Remark: the technical parameters of MZ-1000 type submerged arc automatic welding machine are for reference only, and the actual parameters are provided by the manufacturer.

Adjustable Automatic Tube MIG Welding Manipulator 2-8m 2Adjustable Automatic Tube MIG Welding Manipulator 2-8m 3
Flux recovery delivery all-in-one machine

Flux recovery delivery all-in-one machine
NO. Name Unit MZ-1000
1 Model   YS-HS150A
  Motor power KW 4
2 Bleed pressure MPa 0.2-0.8
3 The largest recycled KG 80
4 Vacuum degree KPa 14.4

The electric control system mainly consists of electric control box and hand control box.
Electric control box by the frequency control system, contactor, button, such as the composition of the main low-voltage electrical components, such as the use of SIEMENS and other well-known brands, and its reliable performance, easy maintenance. Variable frequency speed regulation system using domestic encom - low noise, high performance, multi-function inverter. With wide range and constant torque speed characteristics, stable speed, torque ripple characteristic. The control signal of the use of analog control, speed display using high precision digital display meter, high stability and strong anti-interference ability.

Main scope of supply

No. Part Name Qty Main composition
1 HJ6060 type welding machine (moving type) 1 Mobile trolley walking parts ,column combination, enhance parts, guiding parts, cross regulation parts, etc
2 MZ-1000 automatic submerged arc welding machine 1 The welding power supply, wire head, control box, welding cables and control cables and so on
3 Flux recovery delivery all-in-one machine 1 Flux recycling barrel, vortex air pump, solenoid valve, etc
4 Electrical control components 1 The main control cabinet + wireless control box
5 Delivery attached documentation 1 Product instruction for use, frequency converter operation manual, certificate of approval, shipping list and electrical schematic diagram, etc


Adjustable Automatic Tube MIG Welding Manipulator 2-8m 4