HGZ Series 2-5000T Adjustable Welding Turning Rolls Steel Wheel For Pipe Welding

Place of Origin Jiangsu China
Brand Name yaoqiang
Model Number HGZ/HGK
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
Price US $500-30,000/ Piece
Packaging Details standard packing
Delivery Time 20 days
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 20 sets/month
Product Details
Loading Weight 2-5000t Model NO. HGZ Series
Roller Linear Speed 6-60m/H Welding Turning Rolls Type Self-Adjusting
Welding Tilter Type Flexible Combination Condition New
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HGZ Series welding turning rolls


5000T welding turning rolls


2T welding rollers for pipe

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Product Description

HGZ series 2-5000T Steel Wheel Adjustable Self-Adjustable Turning Rolls Welding Rotator for Pipe Welding


Brief introduction of equipment content:

HGZ series welding roller racks are widely used in the automatic welding or polishing of the inner and outer longitudinal seams and inner and outer circumferential seams of drums, steam drums and other cylindrical components in the boiler, pressure vessel, petroleum, chemical, machinery and other manufacturing industries. It has an advanced structure, Complete functions and convenient operation play a reliable guarantee for improving product quality.


The main features of our company's products are as follows:

1. The roller adopts rubber wheels (the rollers with load tonnage ≤20T adopt rubber wheels, and the rollers with load tonnage>20T are made of cast steel to ensure the load bearing of the rollers and meet the service life), and the structure of steel wheels and rubber wheels are additionally installed on both sides. Improve the stability and driving ability of the transmission; the steel wheel can effectively protect the rubber wheel and increase the life span.

2. The rubber wheel rubber is made of natural rubber and has been vulcanized. The rubber layer of the rubber wheel is lined with a layer of interwoven fabric every 10mm thickness, which greatly improves the tensile performance of the rubber layer. The wheel core and rubber are shot blasted before being combined, and molded by a 100T press (generally manufacturers use rubber molding) to ensure the service life of the rubber wheel.

3. The drive motor adopts AC frequency conversion motor (a famous domestic brand).

4. The roller supporting bearing adopts spherical roller bearing, which has the characteristics of strong bearing capacity and impact resistance.

5. All shaft parts are quenched and tempered, and tooth parts are quenched and tempered.

6. The welding base is formed by welding of plates and undergoes stress relief treatment, which has sufficient strength to ensure long-term use.

7. All shaft holes are processed by a CNC boring machine, and the precision of the transmission gear is level 7 to ensure dimensional accuracy.

8. The electronic control system is composed of a control box and a hand control box. The electronic control system adopts the Yi Neng AC frequency conversion speed regulation system to adjust the speed of the roller rotation. The connecting line between the control box and the hand control box adopts imported super soft multi-wire cable to ensure reliable use.

9. The control box and the active roller frame are installed as a whole, which is easy to carry.

Yao Qiang technology supplies all kinds of roller frame, including self-adjust type, adjustable type, flat type, tiltable anti-axial-float type and etc.
They are used for cylinder work piece welding, polishing, assembling and etc. The adjustable type could change the wheels' distance through manual screw, automatic screw or screw bolt adjustment. It is controlled by AC frequency converter and the linear speed is displayed digitally. The machine is advance and reliable.
For special customer need, we can design and manufacture other models accordingly.

1, The anti-creep welding turning rolls is to avoid work-piece out of place during rotation of welding. The accuracy of position is controlled within 1.5mm.
2, Displacement sensor feedback data to PLC, to replace the position automatically.
3, Suitable for assisting thick wall, narrow seam cylinder welding.
4, Hydraulic cylinder synchronous lift-up type.
5, Apply the frequency converter with imported technology, to realize rollers' stepless speed adjustment. The speed adjustment is with high accuracy, wide range and stable output torque.









Metallic Wheel Rubber Wheel CylinderD





Motor Power









Min.D Max.D






HGZ-05 5000 244 20 250 100 250 2300 6-60 0.75 /
HGZ-10 10000 294 25 300 120 320 2800 6-60 1.1 /
HGZ-20 20000 344 30 350 120 500 3500 6-60 1.5 /
HGZ-30 30000 344 30 350 120 500 4000 6-60 2.2 /
HGZ-40 40000 394 40 400 120 600 4200 6-60 3 2x1.5
HGZ-50 50000 394 40 400 120 600 4500 6-60 3 2x1.5
HGZ-60 60000 444 50 450 120 750 4800 6-60 4 2x2.2
HGZ-80 80000 494 60 500 120 850 5000 6-60 4 2x3
HGZ-100 100000 494 80 500 120 1000 5500 6-60 5.5 2x3
HGZ-150 150000 / / 600 280 1100 6000 6-60 7.5 2x4
HGZ-250 250000 / / 700 300 1200 7000 6-60 11 2x5.5


HGZ Series 2-5000T Adjustable Welding Turning Rolls Steel Wheel For Pipe Welding 0

HGZ Series 2-5000T Adjustable Welding Turning Rolls Steel Wheel For Pipe Welding 1

HGZ Series 2-5000T Adjustable Welding Turning Rolls Steel Wheel For Pipe Welding 2

HGZ Series 2-5000T Adjustable Welding Turning Rolls Steel Wheel For Pipe Welding 3