7000mm Welding Manipulator

Place of Origin Jiangsu China
Brand Name yaoqiang
Model Number HJ7060
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
Price US $1,300-23,000/ Piece
Packaging Details standard packing
Delivery Time 20 days
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 20 sets/month
Product Details
Equipment Size Heavy Type Arm Lift Stroke 7000mm
Arm Extension Stroke 6000mm Arm Guide Rail Width 35mm
Standing Column Guid Rail Width 35mm Guide Wheel Seat Supporting Way Rectangle Guide Rail, Three Facet Supporting.
Arm Extension Speed 120-1200mm/min Drive Way Rack And Pinion Pair
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7000mm Welding Manipulator


6000mm Welding Manipulator


35mm manipulator welding

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Product Description

HJ7060 Welding Manipulator Movable And Rotary Type With Flux Recovery And Electrical Control System

HJ7060 type welding manipulator guiding seat has good force bearing ability , steering wheel has wide touch face, transmission is smooth and reliable.


The equipment is mainly composed of the column, arm , guiding device , lifting mechanism and ladder barricades and etc.


Column is rectangular beams, rectangular form of dual-rail structures , rail made ​​of high-quality carbon steel. Column uses sheet metal assembly form, welded and removed stress before machining.


Column and seat clamp mode: each rail has three clamping surface , representing a more stable and reliable way than that of triangular rail .


HJ7060 type welding manipulator( move and rotary type)

No. Item Unit HJ7060
1 Equipment size   Heavy type
2 Arm lift stroke mm 7000

Arm extension stroke

mm 6000
4 Arm guide rail width mm 35
5 Standing column guid rail width mm 35
6 Guide wheel seat supporting way   Rectangle guide rail, three facet supporting.
7 Arm extension speed mm/min 120-1200
8 Drive way   Rack and pinion pair
9 Speed adjustment way   AC frequency stepless adjustment
10 Arm extension motor power kw 0.55
11 Arm lifting speed mm/min 500
12 Drive way   chain wheel and chain pair
13 Arm front end load capacity kg 120
14 Control wire length m 15
15 Equipment structure type   movable and rotary type
16 Cross precision adjustor stroke Up and down mm 100
Left and right mm 100
17 cylinder diameter adapted   mm Φ1000∽φ7000


7000mm Welding Manipulator 0


Horizontal movement of the arm is via a dedicated inverter motor + worm gear rack drive gear reducer, the movement speed can be adjusted within a certain range depending on the welding needs.


Arm and the column are made of large cross-section rectangular beam structure to ensure that it has good rigidity. Rail track processing is large gantry milling, with a small amount of machining distortion , higher surface accuracy.


The front of welding arm is fitted with electric cross regulatory agencies, to align torch into needed welding seam position , easy to adjust.


Column top of the welding manipulator is fitted with arm lifting mechanism , driven by an AC motor braking which drives worm reducer.


Using worm and AC brake motors as double safety device . Another feature on the guide bar is Ratchet spine Article mechanism. When the chain may occur accident due to greater external impact (safety factor of 10 times), the Ratchet spine article mechanism will lock tight the guide seat and arm on the column, prevent cross arm falling accidents.


With ladder and top guardrail and other assistant devices, easy for user maintenance, and ensure safety.


The equipment foundation is installed on the rails. And the rails are fixed with press plate and expansion bolt. For installation, it must ensure the 2pcs rails straightness and parallelism.


Flux recovery and transit in one machine:

Flux recovery and transit in one machine
No. Item Unit 50E2
1 Model   YS-HS150A
  Motor power KW 4
2 Gas source pressure MPa 0.2-0.8
3 Max. recovery quantity KG 50
4 Vacuum degree KPa 14.4

( 1 ) YS-HS150A flux recovery and conveyor machine is designed for metal structure welding industry, and specially for unmelted flux recovery, reciprocating cycle use in cross manipulator and large submerged arc welding machine working process.

( 2 ) Flux recovery of this welding manipulator unite the essence of YS-FHS, YS-H type flux recovery machine. The machine line is the optimal combination of them. Solve the problems found in other recycling equipment operating on cross welding manipulator and large welding machines. It increases the recovery distance and transportation distance. Ensure the recovery and transport effects, save time and effort. This machine is more advanced and ideal transport flux recovery device of choice for cross- operating machines and large submerged arc welding equipment on the market currently.

( 3 ) The machine will increase productivity, reduce men’s working strength. So it is good for making environment tidy, pollution and throw reduction.

7000mm Welding Manipulator 1