200-2000mm H Beam Welding Machine

Place of Origin Jiangsu China
Brand Name yaoqiang
Model Number LHA4000
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
Price US $13,000-25,000/ Set
Packaging Details standard packing
Delivery Time 20 days
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 10 sets/month
Product Details
Model NO. LHA-4000/SXBH-20 Web Height 200-2000mm
Welder Mz-1000 / DC-1000 Voltage 220V - 480V
Color Blue & Yellow Usage H Beam Automatic Welding Machine
High Light

2000mm H Beam Welding Machine


200mm H Beam Welding Machine


LHA4000 h beam machine

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Product Description

AC Frequency Converter Submerged Arc Automatic Welding Machine H Beam Production Line

The welding machine has a simple and reliable structure and a clever layout.

Main drive of gantry welding adopts imported AC frequency converter to control the synchronous speed-regulating drive on both sides, with stable speed and reliable linear speed digital display.

The H-beam submerged arc welding machine is equipped with a three-axis mechanical tracking arc guide device, pneumatic tracking up and down, floating tracking left and right, to ensure that the welding gun is accurately centered on the weld. The switch-on arc welding power source is installed on the gantry and moved along the gantry, so that the control cable and the welding cable are short, the response is fast, the voltage drop is small, and the welding current is stable.

The welding control and the door frame control are integrated, and the operation is simple. The welding arm cable adopts drag chain form, which is neat and safe.



height mm


width mm



welding type welding speed

welding torch

return speed



overall power
LHA-4000 200-1500 200-800 MZ-1000



0.15-1.5m/min 3m/min 4000mm


welder power

SXBH-20 200-2000 200-800 2000mm

200-2000mm H Beam Welding Machine 0

1. The H beam gantry gate welding machine has two structures: Gantry gate move type & double cantilever move type.
2. Gantry gate or cantilever drive method: AC motor and R series worm reducer.
3. Welding speed: 0.15~1.5m/min.
4. Arc guide frame head function is to mechanically track up and down, left and right.
5. Imported frequency converter is able to realize gantry gate or cantilevers stepless speed adjustment, with wide speed adjustment range, high accuracy and constant output torque.
6. Electrical control cabinet includes main control cabinet and remote operation box.
7. Two work-piece at one time.

1, Instruction manual, including electric and hydraulic illustrative diagram and easy damaged parts list.
2, User manual of frequency converter, hydraulic bump station.
3, Packing list
4, Certification
5, Foundation drawing for installation.

Supply scope:
1,Gantry gate unit:Gantry gate,travel device,lateral sliding device,feeding wire wheel and pipe accessories.
2,Welding arm and carriage:Welding arm,motor transmission device,move device and accessories (2 sets each).
3,Arc guide device:Welding gun,mechanical adjusting unit and feeding wire machine (2 sets each).
4,Flux recovery system:100kg flux recovery machine,separate material barrel,flux hopper,flux recoveryand transmission pipe.
5,Electric control system:Electric control cabinet,AC frequency converter,operation box,lighting,warning light.
6,Pipe and wire system:Welding machine power wire,control wire,welding cable,gantry gate control cable,air source pipe,suspending sliding frame.

LHA-4000 Gantry type H beam automatic welding machine

1.Purpose and working principle
This machine is an ideal equipment for automatic submerged arc welding of H steel. The work piece is placed on the bracket of the work piece (Fig. 1), Tilt 45 degrees to make the weld to be the position of the ship. The welding arm with the embedded welding head can be horizontal and up and down movement on the cross beam of the gantry frame, so that the welding nozzle on the head can be aligned to the welding seam. The equipment at the front end of the welding arm has a welding machine automatic tracking device, and then the gantry frame goes in a straight line on the rail, automatic welding. This machine is equipped with automatic welding, recycling and processing equipment.

2.Technical parameter

Gantry frame motor total power 3.7KW(Does not include the flux recovery machine power)
Gantry frame gauge 4000mm
Gantry frame height 2500mm
Welding speed 150-1000mm/min
Selection of welding machine MZ-1250 CNC submerged arc welding machine *2 sets (optional)
Welder recovery machine model ZH-100* 2 sets

3.Pictures of main parts:


200-2000mm H Beam Welding Machine 1

200-2000mm H Beam Welding Machine 2